Change the Payment Accepted Screen for Clarity

Hello Bliz (Activision now?) shop devs…

I am hoping that you take this in to heavy consideration:

Changing the wording/coding of the payment accepted - GREEN check mark screen:

Many launchers/clients i use (Uplay/Epic/Steam/Xbox/etc) have it as an instant check like this (even via paying with paypal)

** your card issuer/bank account could not process this payment - please make sure you have available funds or try with a different card** etc

Currently (even if we do not have the funds) it says something like

(Green check mark) Thank you for your payment

(i had to restart 3 times - and issue a support ticket before i realised i didn’t have the money avilable to subscribe to world of warcraft.

It is interesting (and annoying) why your payment screen is like Yup, thanks for your payment, you are subbed again when it isn’t - so please link it up Correctly like those other providers?

Thank you