Change account region/country?

I live in United States but I used to move around, China and Korea. I want to change my country to Korea just to have my name changed but it says I need to provide real documents and I’ve seen other US Citziens have a Hangul/Korean username on, if anyone can help me that would be appreciated! I beg!

same by me my pal,i cant start wz 2.0 couse telephone nummber,i cant change region they have made it so much complicated that i cant change nothing even my name or surname on my profile thats crime from battle net side,they have all my data 2 y i have accepted all their sh…ty updates but when is my privacy or changing my profile address and region couse thats their problem not mine…so why is so big problem to change my phone number or place of living…you have all data about me and activity logs=! i demand to allow me to change my country code and put my number couse acc is old and old address without phone nummber…two years spending every day on game and than this…also i was WoW player frost mage Mesiah…0 posts niether from tech support niether from nobody