Challenge Rift Rewards

I recently completed a solo challenge rift jumping a few rift levels in the process. Normally, when I have done this in the past, the rewards for the rifts that I progressed passed were sent to me via mail. However this time, I did not receive the rewards in the rift or in the in-game mail.

Normally I would let something like this go, but crystals are very very hard to come by, and I don’t want this happening to others.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to resolve this issues.

I believe I was going from challenge rift 143 to 148, shortly after server reset, on the day of the post.

Thanks -Hofnarr

Edit: I just reconfirmed this issue by jumping one challenge rift.

I was at 148 and completed 150, skipping 149. Upon completion, I did not receive the rewards for 149 via drop or via in-game mail. However the rewards show as claimed in game.

Again please let me know what additional information I need to provide to have time issues resolved.

The mailbox has a finite number of slots and if it fills up, mail will stop being delivered.

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If you delete your old mail the new ones with the rewards should come in.

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