Cdkeys in use by yourself

My cdkey and multiple others have just received this prompt - Softcore USWest Ladder.
Any ETA as to how long this will last? It’s been stuck like this for the last hour and a half.

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Same here. It’s been few hours now, cdkey is used by me =)

I am having the same problem. Hope they fix it soon.

having the same issue as well

yup same normally this last 10 min max this time like 1hr 40 min and counting

Same issue 3 different computers all with diff CD keys went down at same time

I’m having the same issue. Been 3-4 hours now.

Had the same issue around ~9 hours ago and still the same now…

edit: US-West too

Well still down 6h later. When do they plan on looking at this.

ResidentSleeper wtf blizz dublaron from twitch here btw

People say to change ip. is this mitigation working? i still can’t connect…

I have a few computers and few CD keys and I find that my characters are still logged into the chat channels even when they are logged off, but when I do a “/F L” it says they are offline. I think my CD keys are not being released when I log off the game.

I had this happen yesterday (7/28) , late morning. Still stuck over 24 hours later, at which point I opened a ticket.

Can you a link to the ticket please? i’d like to track it too

I was able to get in just now

what did you have to do ??

I didn’t do anything, unfortunately. Self resolved somehow

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It got resolved for me over night. I’m not sure it fixed itself or whether it had anything to do with the support ticket I raised. The tech support said he “reset” my CD Key and it should start working again. Not entirely sure what it means :confused: