CD key in use by me?

Hey guys. Just wondering if anybody else has run into this issue over the last 12 hours?

Last night I dropped off the server around 11:30 pm, I’m not sure if they did some maintenance or something, but quite a few people were reporting the same thing on some forums. Tried to log back in and I got an error stating that my CD key is in use by me.

I’ve done everything on every forum I can find, restarted modems, computers, uninstalled, reinstalled etc. 13 hours later, same problem…


I have the exact same issue.

Dropped Saturday night between 11:30PM and 12:00AM and have been unable to log in since, for the same reason of my CD key being in use by me. says “… allow up to 24 hours for the character to fully disconnect” so I guess hopefully I’ll be able to log in again tonight.

So I magically just got back in. I did a second uninstall and reinstall. At first I couldn’t update the patch it kept failing, but I changed some windows compatibility settings around, got the patch to launch and I just logged in!

Getting this problem right now too… and I recall if you try logging in more the longer the wait to get back in gets. Blizz help…!!

it has been on for 15 hours and I still cant connect. Tried to reconnect internet and reset pc. Nothing works

US EAST bnet Diablo 2

I had the same problem. About 14 hours. Did a bunch of stuff uninstalled the game and reinstall twice. Second time I installed it into a new folder on desktop instead of C Drive. Managed to log in almost immediately after 2nd install…

The “CD Key in Use by: My Account” errors should go away after 24 hours at most. This is caused by a disconnection on the server or an improper log out causing the character to remain stuck online. Usually after some time, it should automatically kick the character offline for inactivity.

If it persists after this point, these situations will want to be addressed individually by opening a ticket with our customer support team.

My brother and I are having the same problem with our both cd-keys. When will this problem be solved?
It’s been 24+ hours now.

Same issue here as well. Last night around midnight, got disconnect and now can’t play. Can someone from Blizz respond to this? This is pretty BS. How can you struggle so hard with a 20 year old game? I’ve never had more issues with this game than I do today.

I was able to log in again after waiting the full 24 hours.