Catalina - HOTS Voice Chat

Hi and thanks preemptively for taking a look :slight_smile:

I recently purchased a MacBook Pro 2019. I can’t seem to get voice chat inside of Heroes of the Storm to work.

Inside the BNet launcher I can hit the settings gear for hots to test voice chat. This gives an OS prompt asking me to allow BNet to access my microphone. Obviously I allow this.

Inside the actual game however the microphone doesn’t work. It doesn’t pick up anything. It looks like the HOTS application itself (not just BNet) needs to do a permissions prompt as well.

I hope this gets fixed soon! Thanks again, and keep up the good work. Me and my friends love HOTS.

Edit: I should note that a little bit of googling will show you some work arounds for Steam and LoL that Catalina users have done. It involves manually inserting some sql rows into an internal OS permissions db.

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Having this exact issue as well – is there any fix for it?

Hey there,

If this is for Heroes of the Storm as well, try using Command+M to put the app into Window mode. Wait several seconds then open the game menu’s voice chat settings. In that menu press “Test” while the game is in Window mode.

This should allow the prompt to be displayed.