Captcha not working, now unable to enter account

On the blizzard website, as well as the Battle Net app, there is a Captcha verification system. This Captcha system does not work. I have made several attempts to complete the Captcha, and no matter how correct I am, the Captcha always tells me I am incorrect. It is not a matter of my password or email being incorrect. I now have received the “too many attempts” error for over 12 hours. I tried to reset my password but I have been locked out of Captcha so I can’t even do that. I tried to remove the authenticator but again, locked out of Captcha. I tried to contact customer support several times, only to receive instructions on things I previously listed in this post. I have seen several other people run into the same issue, so I know that it is not unique to me. I have seen that Blizzard’s Captcha verification truncates to 6 characters when the Captcha displays 8 characters. Because of this, every single attempt on Captcha will automatically be incorrect. I just want to log into my account and play some Overwatch, but Blizzard and Captcha have made it impossible to do.

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too many attempts is my nightmare for the last couple of hours please some help will come handy