Can't use Authenticator

I downloaded the authenticator on my LG K20. I have Lucky mobile services. I logged in on my Blizz account but i keep blocked at “Configuration…” with the little blue logo moving. After minutes i’m still at that step. What i can do? Why it’s doing that?


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Try clicking the back button on your phone, it should pop up a browser window and in that window it will require you to log into a blizzard account and then take you through the steps to set up the authenticator, at which point you can go back into the authenticator and it should start working.

It is not solved.Please help me.I got same problem.

It is doing the same thing to me and I have a brand new android n200


When I try to open CoD I get a notification which states that I need to use Double factor authenticator and leads me to Activision.

I play on PC via Blizzard.

THe authenticator is not working I tried to contact both Blizzard and Activision and I am stuck unable to play - PLEASE ASSIST ME!

@Support pls assist me !!