Can't update phone or contact "live support"

Been trying to unlock the four slots for securing my battle net account. I’ve used an authenticator forever, and didn’t understand why it wasn’t working, turns out I need to add a phone number.

Try to add a phone number, told it’s a ‘pre-paid’ or vo-ip, its not.

Contact support about this and the response:

"In this case, and in order to help you, NAME, I am going to ask you to contact us via Live Chat. We can check if your phone number is valid to add to a Blizzard account (because not all of them are valid) and we can help you by adding it.

The reason why I ask you to contact us via Live Chat is because if we can add the phone number to your account, we will need to send you a verification code that you have to provide; so this is the only way to assist you.

To reach out to us through the Live Channels you only need to open a new ticket from Monday to Friday, between 14.00h and 17.00hCST/CDT, and you will see the Live Chat option. You can use this link:"

I can’t find a live chat option, what can i do to fix this or get ahold of someone to fix this?