Can't talk to a human

This is a complaint
So, I want to give my girl $150 for SL and mounts - whatever. I just want someone to walk me through what to do. You know customer support. Like phone or chat. That option seems to no longer exist. I’ve played WOW for 12 years on 2-3 accounts and always insisted the current girlfriends play. I give the game hundreds of dollars. It is just frustrating only having an email option. I own a tiny business, I make it very clear how to contact me immediately.

Customer support is always amazing when I chatted with them in the past. The GM/whatever are funny and helpful - always. But let us chat with them. List a phone number. I click “CONTACT US” and it gives me your phone number or a chat option. It is not tough. I am having an issue I want resolved. It is frustrating. I’d rather be on hold at least I know eventually someone will be there to help.

(XXX)XXX-XXXX “Call and talk to our amazing GMs”
CHAT NOW “Talk to one of our great GMs who will resolve your issue”

I am not asking for a reply to do this. As a customer who gives hundreds of dollars to a company that makes millions. You should make it simple to talk to a human, not try to replace them with computers and “oversea call center” or whatever UGH!

Blizzard does not have a call center overseas. Never has. The bulk of the CS staff work out of the Austin, Texas office. Some are also in Irvine, CA.

They have not had a dial IN number for years because people would use it for issues besides, Billing, Account access, and some Tech support. Complaints, bug reports, feedback, bored, ban appeals, etc. Those are done via other means than phone.

They DO have Phone Callback and Live Chat for Billing issues but that is super limited right now due to work from home COVID restrictions.

The place to ask for help on a purchase procedure is the Customer Support forum for WoW. That is an Information Desk where other players can walk you through the gifting process and it is overseen and heavily commented on by Blizzard Forum Support Reps.

They can help walk you through it.