Can't send red bag (empty friends list bug)

I was able to work around the friend list empty bug before,
but this event required you to use the friend list, no way to work around it…


Same problem here. Friends list has NEVER worked in this game. Unlike the chat with a friend, there is no work around. When will Blizzard care enough to fix the friends list that has never worked in this game for many of us?


Same problem here, friend list is always empty but I actually have 200+ friends.


Yes same here since the launch. I play on pc and my in-game friend list is empty. I have opened at least 3 tickets and replied the tickets others opened but blizz didnt even respond nor fix this issue but keeps starting events requiring friend list. As you guys have said i have managed to work it around but this time it is impossible. This is more frustrating when we consider the money we keep spending in this game but cant even get a reply from Blizz. I believe tickets are useless. Gotto use social networks to get their attention or at least reach more ppl…


This is really bad because we cannot earn the event gems for sending the red bags. So Blizzard owes us at least 1000 Platinum for this friends bug and that doesn’t count the legendary crest which easily doubles the value lost.

Event halfway over, still no acknowledgement from Blizzard about the long-standing empty friends list bug or the new broken event.

Hey all,

I don’t mean this to be a fix-all. I mention it only because it has helped for some.

In the in-game friend’s list, try changing your status to something besides what it currently is. Log out of the game and the launcher. Log back in and set it back to whatever you want it to be.

There have been a few reports that doing so forced the friends list to refresh.

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