Can't see my friends list in OW/Battlenet and can't join vc in any modes


Today I tried to log into my blizzard account and discovered my friends list was completely empty. All my friends are missing on bnet and in the Overwatch client. I also cannot join the voice chat. My friends are still friends with me on their accounts. I have tried scan and repair, restarting the game and bnet client, a different computer and a couple of other things but could not fix the issue.


Hey there,

I noticed this account plays in 3 different game regions. The most likely cause for the missing friends list is that they were added in a different region for the game. My advice would be to log out of the Blizzard app then back in using each different region until you find where the friends were added at.

I also checked the Voice Chat errors submitted by the account. I noticed some RTP timeout errors. This suggests the voice chat service is having trouble staying connected.

If the voice chat is unable to connect it could be a security protocol treating the voice chat service differently than the rest of the game ( yes it runs two separate network connections) - My advice here would be to disable any third party security software and quality of service programs on the computer. Restarting the networking devices may also help!

I do hope the info helps. If there’s anything else you might need just let us know.

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Hi, thanks for responding.

I have tried playing on all the 3 regions before but my main region is Americas. Just now I went to check and went on different regions and there were no problems in Asia or in European servers. I was able to see my friends list and could connect voice channels just fine. I went back to Americas and it was still the same issue.

I’ve restarted the network along with my computers to reassure the problem I’m having but it’s still having the same error on Americas region and works fine on other regions. I also don’t have third party software installed on my pc’s.