Can't salvage Legendary items

I can’t salvage any Legendary items. It always says “This item cannot be salvaged; extract itss essence instead.”

Please help

Hey Aventurier,

With the last update, legendaries can’t be salvaged anymore. As the error message indicates, take your legendaries to the essence extraction NPC instead.


Afternoon, here’s actually useful information. Remember how you extracted the essence of the legendary the first time? Do it again. Essence Transfer NPC is the only way to get rid of legendaries you don’t want - whether you have extracted it already or not. Old legendaries only give the little bottle, new ones may give the green swirly thing. Hope this is more useful than the non info the blue text person gave you. I was about to rage quit before I figured it out.

As per the patch notes…

Legendary Essence Extraction

A new method of Essence Extraction has been discovered! You can enhance your Legendary Attributes to increase their power by extracting the same essences multiple times. Legendary equipment can no longer be salvaged at the Blacksmith, and instead must be extracted. Essence Extraction still provides players with the same Upgrade Materials they would get from salvaging, but now, as you find duplicate Legendary equipment, your overall power will increase too.

When you find a new Legendary item, your first extraction will pull out the Legendary Essence and store it for you to inherit later, as it always has. Further extractions will grant you Essence Energy to increase your Essence Mastery level—however, extracting Essence Energy from a particular Legendary item will become more difficult with each Essence Energy you obtain from it, and eventually you will no longer be able to extract the energy from that Legendary item.

Additionally, you will now receive Upgrade Materials on the first extraction for every Legendary Essence and no longer must choose between gaining a Legendary Essence or Upgrade Materials.

As your Essence Mastery level increases, it will further enhance the power of all your Legendary Attributes. Some skills will receive damage bonuses, while others might receive cooldown reduction, or other effects. You can always view your current power and what bonuses you will get at the next Essence Mastery level at Zamina, the Essence Transfer NPC in Westmarch.

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I’m having the same issue with this and when I take it to the Extractor I get an error saying that this item doesn’t contain any essence. What’s the deal with that. Am I supposed to just carry around these items that are worthless?

Only items obtained after the update can contribute to the new multiple extraction system. When you see that message, it just means the item was obtained before the update.

You can still use the extraction system to ‘salvage’ it into the Glowing/Flowing Shards. Just below the message it will display the salvage mats that you’ll get.

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They figured we would want to go through 5 menus and selections per salvage instead of 0.

Whoever comes up with this garbage has clearly never played a loot based game. At least they nerfed drop rates hardcore after christmas to match the new pointlessly time consuming salvaging system.

ThanksI needed this information.