Can't register for Shadow Lottery/Mysterious patron

Hello. Yesterday I won the shadow lottery and after I went inside the court of Shadows, it asked me to talk the the mysterious patron. I did so and he asked my if I wanted to donate Akebat’s signetts to my clan, which I did, but now I don’t have any left to accept the invitation. I can’t sign up for the shadow lottery either. I’m basically stuck in an uncompleted quest. I can’t sign up for the shadow lottery and I can’t give the mysterious patron a signet because I don’t have any.


When you’re in a Clan, the default for handing over the Signets is to give them to the Clan so the Clan becomes a Dark Clan and everyone joins the Shadow. If that isn’t your desired outcome, then you’ll need to leave the Clan so you can turn in the signet for yourself. As for the problem with the quest, it is bugged. If you log out and back in, or if you port (not just walk) to another location, the quest should resolve itself and you can then join the lottery if available.

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Dagnabit, that is not the issue and moving does not solve it.

Issue is it first asks if you want to donate to clan, if you say yes all your signets are donated to the clan. It then asks if you want to join shadows, which you can’t do as you no longer have a signet, and it will not let you join a lottery as it thinks you are still in the original quest.

The original quest has a 3 day expiry so at the moment all us people stuck with this issue can only hope that in 3 days time the quest vanishes and we can retry the lottery.
Given the number of posts on this with no action I don’t think Bliz are going to do anything about it.


I am having exact same issue, cant beleive it has not been resolved, 8 members of my clan are bugged, makes it hard to regain shadow status… come on blizz!


Same problem here, first screen is “donate” and then asks you to join shadows…
Great design, how you can join shadows if you already donated all ur signets.
Stucked losing time adn exp.


------ SOLVED ------
Click on the magnifying glass on the quest, click on “JOIN” buttom even on grey.
It will reset ur quest and u cant start again it to get your 2 akeba signets


That fixed it for me, they must of patched that as tried that when problem started and it did not reset.

I have the same problem. Pressing the grey “Join” button didn’t solve it.

Same problem. I thought I did something wrong at first. It won’t let me progress past the mystery person after donating the signets to my clan that I’m the leader of, and won’t let me renter the lottery. I’ve tried all suggestions so far and nothing.

I have the same problem. I know it’s beta but quite a disappointing mistake from the developers.

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In another post someone told that if I leave from the clan, then I can restart the Shadow lottery tests. So I did it, and I can join to the Shadows, but now I cant rejoin to my Clan, because it’s not Dark clan, and I cant give my signets to the clan…
Full trash the system unless the clan have 30+ active members, then it’s relatively easy to reactivate. The other clans are stucked in Adventure and they wont come out from that pit easily.

i had the same problem.

this worked for me but i did it on MOBILE

That happened to me yesterday, I left my clan & clicked the little scope next to the quest & was able to join, again. I was already a shadow but somehow messed something up & went back to an adventurer. I had to basically start over as a shadow.

Please fix this so you cannot donate signets until quest is complete many people having this issue and it is exacerbated by the reset you did a few days ago which caused my dark clan to disband when we all got kicked back to adventurer. Bad move Blizzard

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a lot of people stuck in this exact situation.
i made my peace with the fact i won’t be able to do any shadow content this week, but if this issue persists past Monday, i am going to be really really mad.

Same issue here, stuck with no way to fix.

Dose not reset for me check loops me back into shadow clan non sense

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Same issue for me too. Tried everything suggested and cannot get it figured out. At this point I’ve just accepted the fact that I’m stuck as an adventure for the rest of ever. Wasn’t expecting the reset anyways so it’s whatever. Just disappointing.

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I did all its said in here to a not working for me. Can’t leave my clan since is my clan I paid for it now not all people want to join a clan so they been just moving away to other clans which has returned to become shadows. BLIZZARD SHOULD FIX issue allowing the clan members to reenter lottery if not the leader you know. Or get us another way to find this akeba’s signets maybe by reentering the akeba’s dream or something. BUT SHOULD DO A FIX CAUSE PEOPLES FRUSTRATION can make them think game is BAD even when it has a good story and challenge you to keep trying been your best. Between this and the disconnecting you out when you are in dungeons or rifts and the inability to move or even heal yourself in bosses fight cause of the many times it freezes. It will make a person not wanting to keep up wit the game really. IT IS A GOOD GAME BUT WITH THINGS LIKE THAT FRUSTRATION MIGHT WIN OVER i HAVE SOME FRIENDS THAT HAVE DISCONNECTED THE GAME ALREADY JUST BECAUSE OF THESE ISSUES. NOT WANTING TO GET BACK TO IT CAUSE WHAT THEY SAID IS WHACK. Would be sad if this game pass just to be another dead game.

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Same as everyone else, just confirming the issue. I have my own Clan, and many of the members are complaining that they cannot complete their shadow quest - then they leave and aren’t able to return.

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