Can't recover my account

I am making a post on this secondary account. The worse decision I’ve made was to use the authenticator. Because of it I apparently lost my account completely. I broke my old phone and no longer have access to it. I made a ticket to recover it and provided an ID and it didn’t match the name. Okay… so I made the account nearly a decade ago and at the time the name was never an issue. I obviously didn’t put my real name I was a little kid whose parents told him to never put his real info online. So because of this I can’t apparently get my account back? Thousands of dollars down the drain. I can provide so much information in regards to the account itself. The amount of time spent on what, the most recent transactions since I have bank statements pertaining to these. Please work with me. The ID of the account I’m talking about is Allmight#11179. I have access to the email associated with the account. I remember the password. This whole authenticator stuff has proven to be more of a detriment that of help. All of sudden making my name on the account (btw how many people actually put their real info in there?) seriously screwed me hard. Please work with me so that we can find a solution to this.

The good Ole days when I could just call blizzard customer service and all my worries would be eliminated. I can provide much more info to show I am the owner of the account! HELP PLEASE! </3

I already made tickets about these but apparently they are still open but I can’t even reply to them since I can’t even log in… so making a new ticket is not an option ATM. I replied via email to the reply I got but not sure if you’ve received it. I recall the first name on the account though as I’ve mentioned that’s a fake name.

The only way to regain access to an account is to provide the documentation that is required. The game requires use of our real names and addresses when registering. This is one of the reasons. You have to prove you are the account holder and if you used a fake name that is difficult.

If you used something like “Mickey Mouse” that is an obvious fake, they can sometimes help with extensive other documentation, but if you used a name that sounds real then no, they won’t turn it over to you.