Can't post in forums unless you own the game

You guys need to rethink the policy about stopping people from posting in a forum if they don’t own a game. Especially since it’s not actually accurate. I own Diablo 2 but can’t post on the D2 forums because, I dunno… blizzard doesn’t think I own it? Maybe because I bought it before was the mandatory online only monstrosity it now is.

That aside, we also can’t post in the D2 resurrected forums either. So how the heck to potential customers ask questions about the game or discuss proposed features? Case in point, I’d like to ask questions about the online only requirements but can’t because I can’t post in the damned forum.

It’s not even out yet so it’s not like I can own a copy yet. There needs to be at least one D2 Resurrected forum where anyone can post.

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Does your Diablo 2 show up in (at the bottom, under Classic Games) ?
(Click on screenshot to zoom in, use Esc to close it)


If not, you need to redeem your code(s) – see screenshot below :

Each code (Diablo II and Diablo II LoD have their own code) needs to be redeemed separately.


That won’t solve the posting issue on the D2:Res forum(s) however.


Thanks for that. It isn’t appearing there so I’ll take a look at it tomorrow when I can dig out the box and find the code again.

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Reddit works and is free. The CMs post and collect feedback there too.

There is no online only requirement for D2R. It has offline mode. According to the Deep Dive interview yesterday you will have to authenticate the license online once but can then play offline. It might eventually ask again if you never go online, but that should be it.

After you add it you may have to log out of the forums completely, clear cache and cookies, then log in again and wait. It can take a bit for the forums to pick up the account flags.

Some of us don’t have reddit accounts (or want to). Why should anyone need to go to a 3rd party site when the information should be available on the game’s site? Side note: I’m not talking every minutiae of information, that’s what sites like Wowhead and the like are for, I’m just referring to what is essentially key information about the game.

Thanks for the information about D2R. Would have been nice if I could have just asked that question in the D2R forum, but at least you’ve answered it.

The information is available on Blizzard’s sites. Blizzcon was and the recaps and video links are.

What you can’t do is post on Blizzard forums without game licenses, or in the case of WoW, a license and active game time.

Oh! The other thing on the forums is that the new ones have an odd structure. If you don’t click down to the actual sub forum, it will tell you that you don’t have a license.

This post has a few pictures illustrating the sub forum structure which might help.

Imagine being a new customer considering whether to buy a game and finding you can’t ask questions until after you buy the game? That’s not great customer support. In fact that sort of thing puts (some) people of buying a game entirely.

And heck, I have an active bnet account, I have D3 and WoW both attached to it and active. Surely that should be sufficient.

Anyway, I tried multiple D2R (and D2) forums and subforums and I couldn’t post in any of them. Maybe there is one “open” forum but I certainly couldn’t find it if there is.