CAnt play for more then 10 min

no matter what i do dungeon,world event or just run around killing stuff,boom 10 mins go by dc and a 40 min que

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Same here, turned down all sorts of settings. Made no difference.

Same here…very frustrating :frowning:

Exactly what ive done and same issue still…now cant logg in and game says updating whole time :frowning:

Fix the dam disconnect issues… Disconnect right before the world boss dies… Lame AF

I have spent all day today trying to remove items from my computer to fix this issue. I keep playing and it freezes up and reboots my computer. I too have updated the Nividia graphic card. It has gotten to this point since Tuesday’s update. Previously I would randomly freeze at inopportune moments (i.e, while killing a boss, flying through the rings, etc.) Weekends should be time to play WOW ad nauseum; however, today, I’ve spent about 10 hours working to fix this problem in my system though it sounds like it is a Blizzard issue if so many people are experiencing the same issues.

I had 1 dc over the whole of last weekend, and none this. But had only 1 crash, and that was before the world boss died this weekend. Based on this it sounds like there is a crash bug related to the actual world boss somehow.