Can't Open a Ticket or Submit a Bug

The support aspect of Blizzard goes around in circles. I am having technical issues, and it seems there is no way to open a ticket or submit a bug. I keep getting re-routed to the main support page after writing out the all the issues.

The GMs or Customer Support folks do not handle Bug Reports.

Those go to the Quality Assurance team who documents them, tries to replicate them, researches them, and passes them to the Devs for patches.

To submit a Bug report you can use the Bug Report Forum for the specific game, or for WoW there is also an in-game bug report tool.

QA does not tend to response to bug reports personally. They just collect them and do their part.

GMs for games normally can’t help with bugs at all. They can’t fix the game like the Devs can, and can’t interfere without Dev permission. It is also not their role to pass on Bug Reports to QA.

Was there something specific you wanted to submit a ticket about? It is possible the is a route for it, esp if it is not a bug.

Yes. My character has no hearthstone, and I went to Gilneas, and it is empty. I don’t remember this city being empty with no NPCs.