Can't move, menus won't close

My main character is a wizard paragon 21 and is stuck. I can’t move, teleport and when I go to menus I can’t close the window via pressing the X


This happened to me too. I didn’t play for like a month and decided to log back on and everything was broken. My character’s a paragon level 28-ish necromancer. Are the hit/ability buttons messed up for you too? The icons are gone

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Im right here with ya as well. And honestly I doubt these issues are gonna get fixed. Your better off making a new character or uninstall.

Exactly this. Showing wrong icons and when i click on a quest, the character starts moving but the camera doesnt follow. Havent played in weeks either. Cant move with the touch input at all and when i open a menu, I have to close the game.

Guys I fixed it! Uninstall and reinstall. Your account will save your progress and downloading the resources takes a while but I can move again.

Able to play my main characters on PC but not mobile. This applies to my first two characters, mage and paladin. I can’t even move them. I have tried both on my android phone and iPad. I can press the skill buttons and they seem to work but they have the wrong pictures. If I go into settings or mail, I can’t get out of those screens. I hear the click when I select the X but nothing happens. I have to close and restart the app. On my newer characters, monk and demon hunter, they can move normally and can enter and close settings fine. The skill icons are still wrong, but they might be playable (at least they function in town).

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Yes exactly the same

I think it’s because of the shadow mission It’s bugged

FYI repairing the client didn’t help at all, but uninstalling/reinstalling the app fixed it on my phone. That seems to be the workaround if this happens to you. (Maybe something less drastic like clearing data or the cache could work too.)

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