Can't login to Diablo 2

I’m not using a VPN. I have not played in any illegal way whatsoever. I just started playing D2 again since like 2002 and now it’s saying I’ve been disconnected. My internet is working fine. I’ve looked everywhere for help. Only thing I’ve seen is I could be banned but I’ve literally only been playing solo and this happened after I just logged off for the night. Again, I’m not playing the game using whatever cheats or hacks or whatever people might do. I play on US EAST server and my characters name is Deepfist. I just want to be able to play the game I paid for so some help would be sick.

You were probably falsely banned like a bunch of us

Hey there Ragecage,

I noticed a host listed in the account history. While it may have not been intentional, this is likely the cause of the problem. Is it possible the game was downloaded and played at work or a local business network?

I’m also having the same issue at the moment. I’ve been playing the game fine with no problems for weeks. Then last night I tried to log on while at my hotel it wouldn’t connect. So, I am back home now and tried to log in and it is now stuck on the checking versions screen. Is this because I tried to log on at my hotel? and if so how do I fix it?

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Please help me Kaldraydis:) my account name is BL4ZE

Not at all. I’m playing or was playing the game on my home computer using my home internet. I believe thousands of people are having this issue that are just regular people not using a VPN or doing anything wrong. The system is not working correctly.

can I log out from another computer? i left my D2 account open on my other computer…

I ALSO can’t play Diablo 2 online for incomprehensible reasons that research is showing me are caused by a system you CBA to overhaul.


Anyway, same issue. I try to click Battlenet and it gets as far as Checking Version, then immediately slaps me with “Disconnected from Battlenet. Please Reconnect.” I’ve tried every fix. You think I haven’t, but I have. From the ports/Firewall to patching the client.

So, tell me, O Mighty Blizzard, am I TEMP BANNED for NO REASON? And if so, HOW LONG!?!?!

If they tell you it’s an IP ban… Or just try it and see if you can log in, attempt to log in from a hotspot to ensure it is infact an IP ban if they won’t clarify

It’s been about 6 days for me so far.

^ same

What is correct Compatibility settings?
Run mode?
Rest of settings?
I never touched any of this, By the way

Please Help

I appreciate the help but I still have not been able to find anywhere in my computer or settings where it says “Use default mac address” or “Use Computer MAC address” and I’ve been trying for days to do this. Granted I’m not tech savy as some but I usually can correct issues using a youtube video and whatnot. I was able to do everything else but I lose it by step 4. Can you help me out a little and be more specific? I’m assuming you mean network and sharing center advanced settings but idk. Thanks for your time.

EDIT I believe i figured out how to change my IP but I still can’t get on. Jesus this is frustrating. I want my damn money back Blizzard.

i am banned too. woohooo. well that was a fun few days of diablo 2, back to binge drinking at night.

If you are trying to change it in computer settings you are far off. You need to get into the routers settings itself and you can adjust the Mac address there

Any way to check if you were banned without having to go through and create a ticket?

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Hi Kaldraydis can you provide an update on diablo II reset by chance?

3 months later and I’m just joining the discussion and having the same issue. Reinstalled from my old cdkey after years of hiatus and was able to download the patch update but ever since the patch installed, all forums get stuck on “checking versions” before timing out. I don’t suppose any fixes have been made?

There are temp bans as well, Hope this issue becomes resolved soon.

just dl this today, and cant get in at all, can get to dl get all of that but logging in LOL f you so, since i bought the expansion for dab 2 and the game 10.79 per can i get a refund? ive lit. made all the vpn done im sitting duck, still cant dl this game. cant get past the what is my name and cd code. need to fix this or give me my 9.99 and the 9.99 for the expansion back. real simple.

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