Can't login to battlenet-45 min wait

Long login to battlenet client, when I was connected earlier I got booted from my CoD game


Same here. Playing, enjoying my time and then disconnected by BattleNet. Now it’s 47 min to reconnect. Thanks jerks.

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Same =(
I was winning a HS battleground… sigh

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Same here, pay for 6 month sub and get a 32min queue, awesome.

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same too…wtf???..i was enjoy

Same for me. I was in queue then my whole app shut down after about 20 minutes in queue

fr same… why the actual fk do we need blizz auth to play anyways when we could just play on steam or other platforms… smells like a chargeback waiting to happen for some im sure

yeah exactly same thing why did i pay for a game i cant play when i want to in my very precious free time that i dont get much of i work 10 hours a day 7 days a wekk then to be told i cant play a game i was forced to purchase to play