Can't login on EU

Hi there,

yesterday I updated my Blizzard Mobile App to Version

Since it has been installed, I cannot login to my Blizzard Account on EU. If I do so, it says Error: I must configure my privacy settings. I have done it… but i cannot still login.

I need help please. I am using a S21 Ultra Device with latest installed Firmware, thanks in Advance.


I am also having the same issue in the US, it started yesterday afternoon. I opened a ticket, did all that the gamemaster suggested. Neither worked, so he asked me to report it here.


My wife, son and I are having the same problem. We are all running app version v.1.15.1 (5498) on iOS 14.7.1 and we all can’t log in anymore. The app tells us to update our privacy settings so the app will work again. We all did that and we still can’t log in.

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I’m getting the same thing. It’s asking me to re-enable the social settings marked as required in the privacy settings. The problem started yesterday.

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I too cannot login to the APP. Get an “error” with “update your privacy settings” prompt on USA region but they’re all enabled and haven’t previously changed anything. Using Samsung S20.

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Looks like this is spreading, happening to me too, Android EU.

Opened a ticket about it, waiting.

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It works for me now! Yay!

Since yesterday evening (European time) it is working for us again aswell.