Can't login on chrom with Authenticator

It’s been months now, if I want to login to blizzardnet I have to do it on firefox or IE. Chrome will ask me to accept on the app and a split second before it appears on the app, the whole site refreshes and goes back to the login screen.

I cleared cache, cookies, everything. It’s annoying af and want to know why this is happening.


I’m running into the same issue. I hit Approve on the authenticator iOS app and the website refreshes the login screen instead of processing the Approve request.

I’m on Chrome 100.0.4896.75 (Official Build) (64-bit). Had to login through Firefox to post this message.

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same issue, submitted 3 tickets, o sir, np, cant login and this authenticator bug, maybe the techs all left…GG

Hi i have same problem, did you manage to solve your problem?

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Hello .
I have the same problem but i do experience it on the mobile app as well. I’m logging and receiving notification on the phone to accept the generated code and when i click on it the login on the mobile app disappear and on the authenticator say “Request Error”

Hi guys, i will send a link in forum where they talk about this and probably the issue is the Metamask extension.
For me it worked, so try it yourselves.

Had this problem as well. It happens when you have metamask extension. Instead of disabling metamask, another option is to right click goto “This can read and change site data” and select “When you click the extension”. This is also alot safer for your general usage of metamask.

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I’m having the same problem for almost a year now, everytime I need to log on on chrom I need to remove the authenticator. I also submitted tickets and they just said to comment here and report a bug.

Problem Solved I can confirm that the issue was the metamask extension.!**

**** Remove the metamask from your extension in your chrome browser / browser.****

Re-login using the BATTLE.NET AUTHENTICATOR approve on the app and you will be able once again get back onto your account.

Meta-mask extension is the root cause issue that’s causing problems for so many.

Happy Gaming More PEW PEW…!