Can't login into Hearthstone after password change

I updated my password on my Blizzard account and since then, I have not been able to login in to Hearthstone on my Z fold 4. I have the authenticator on the same phone and it has worked fine for connecting to my other devices and PC after the password change. When I try to open Hearthstone, I am prompted to login in to my Blizzard account and then it sends the code to the authenticator for approval. After I approve it, Hearthstone just hangs as if its waiting for a response from the server that the code has been approved but never receives it. I have tried all of the suggestions from Blizzard including reinstalling, rebooting, clearing the cache, manually logging in, etc., but nothing is working. I should add that I can play the game as a new player, but when I try to “switch accounts” the exact same thing happens. So I think it has something to do with the connection between the authenticator and my new phone. Because everything works fine on my other devices. Are there any known issues with Z Fold 4s? Help!!!