Can't login in cellpone

I use my Battlenet to log in, it sticks in “account detected page”, and" ask me to switch account to play“. However, nothing happens when I click it.

By the way, I can log in pc.

Samething is happening to me aswell my game froze logged me out now wont let me log back on and have tried everything i know to do to fix it wondering if anyone knew how to fix the issue

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Happened to me as well, and not impressed was fine until i went to log back in an hour ago

Hey all,

A part of Amazon Web Services that hosts NA-East went down around 3pm.

But, I just tried to log in at the time of this post, and I was able to get into the game. Give it a try now.

I still cant log in ive un installed and re installed twice and i tried to log in using fb or Google and when i cliixk the login button and type my password it just gets stuck and acts like its loading over and over again i un install and reinstalled already twice and it made no difference. I have excellent wifi connection idk y it wont accept my password and let me log into my battlenet acct so i can select my server and select my charater and resume playing where i last left off but it wont let me


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