Can't log in to battlenet

Good day! I’m currently having a problem connecting back using my battlenet account on my android phone to log back into the game. Log in button just kept on spinning, I already tried re-installing the game but it gave me the same results. Issue started after reseting my battlenet accounts password because I reported an event bug earlier today. Hoping this will reach your support team so I can log back in, thank you!

Just an update for this concern. So I tried re-installing it twice already, cleared cached data and entire data under settings, but still won’t log back in. I tried creating another account and the new account won’t connect as well, so I tried installing the game on my wife’s device ( which has a lower specs by the way ) and I was able to log back in and out as well. My phone by the way is a POCO X3 NFC, on android version 12, and MIUI version 14.0.1 Global. Hoping for your kind assistance to get my account logged back in please