Cant log in to battle net app

Ever since, i restarted my computer to install a new windows update, i cannot log into the battle net app and play wow since yesterday. I really have no clue what do to or how to fix this. I simply cant play the game i pay for.

Crazy I have the exact same problem on PC.

Hey there,

Connection issues with the Blizzard Desktop Application that begin after an update (whether it be Windows, The App itself or some other driver/software on the system) usually comes down to either a security/permission issue or conflict between the app and other software on the system.

Temporarily disabling any unneeded software or firewalls is an easy way to test. If that doesn’t get you around the issue, then temporarily uninstalling any security software is another test to try. From there I recommend power cycling your network. (turning all network connected devices off, powering down the modem, waiting about 60 seconds and rebooting everything)

Outside of that if the issue persists, go ahead and submit a ticket to our technical support for more direct assistance: