Cant log in for almost 3 weeks

Can’t submit a ticket so i’ll do it here. Been on “CHECKING VERSIONS” since ladder reset. Did all your guys BS “troubleshoot” NOTHING works. How bout you guys fix your SUBMIT TICKET & FIX THE GAME. Also if i’m IP BANNED can you let ME know? & HOW long? So i can stop logging in every other day to check???

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do you have a active vpn on when you try? ive heard it can extend your temp ban longer or reset it not sure on that.

logged once at worked beginning of ladder then after that was SOL. Stopped using at work & already installed/uninstall at home. I just wished they gave us a damn time frame if i am IP banned or something.

Hey there,

I can confirm that your IP address is restricted for 2 weeks starting today. If you were restricted previously then whatever happened today triggered it to refresh again.

We restrict if you try logging in from a business IP, proxy, or VPN, since these are commonly used by botters.

Here’s the full list of reasons that could lead to temporary restrictions:

Btw did you log in to see the games? To see the list of games? Did you ever? Go and see. Now. Make fresh account if needed. Bots are there. Thousands of them 24/7. They do not use those, cause they don’t need it :smiley: seriously did you copy paste this response from somewhere?

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But botters now use their proxy IP’s Subnet masks to make their proxies working !

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can u give me a full list of why the F i cant play ur damn game online without screen lag… can u explain why diablo 2 is the only game i cant run online? everyone else can run the game smooth as butter second i go on lan or bnet my screen is skipping like crazy… and plz i dare you to say its on my end when every other game works fine plz i dare you

fix ur trash server or just take them down so people dont waste 20 bucks… should just torrented ur trash game and played plugy

Please don’t hijack threads with unrelated topics. The OP’s question has been answered. Locking this thread.

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