Can't load latest patch of war zone

Every time I try to load the latest patch I get the following error: BLZBNTAGT00000960.

I’ve tried this as the admin and #i’ve tried reinstalling the software but I get the same error.


Same here bro I’m agitated and gave up

were you able to update?

me ocurre lo mismo desde hace varios días.

Both warzone and MW 2019 don’t work for me after the latest update. Spent the last 4 hours trying to get into a game but it just crashes with no error message its super annoying

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got the same here, tried to scan and repair, disabling firewall and protections, modem reboot and update, GPU drivers update as well, after all of that, uninstalled the game and now I can even install it back, I created a ticket with blizzard support and see what’s the issue with it, in order to fix this.

not really I uninstalled and now I can even install it back with the same error code