Cant launch client

Hi! Batllenet desktop client cant log me in. Seems like there are problems with authorization servers: its trying to log me in, but few moments later error B7D912A8-285D-4450-8E0F-6160B239ACE7 popping up. Can you help me?

Hi, Australian here (if that matters to Blizzard), also having this problem.

I can look at any tab on the launcher app except the one for loading games. I also just tried redownloading a new copy of the launcher to try fresh reinstalling over it but the download says it failed because of “Network error”, even though literally everything else on the internet works.

Update: I’ve managed to get a new launcher installer to download (sometimes it fails to “network error” partway, and sometimes it manages to download). I’m trying to install but it gets beyond ‘downloading new files’ stage and now just perpetually sits at ‘updating Blizzard agent’.

I’ve checked my partner’s computer and her launcher loads just fine without issue. I’ll have to download updates, since she hasn’t played for a while, but it loads.

For some reason, between last night (when I was playing fine) and this morning, the connection between me and the download server has become unreliable for me specifically.

Same. Downloaded installer and launched it. That solved my problem