Can't install Windows App

I was having frustrating issues with updating my WoW, as I was unable to so since it was always getting stuck on “fetching encoding table”. Deleted WoW to try and reinstall per recommendations. Couldn’t re-download because of same issue. Deleted app to re-download per tech recommendation, and now it always gets stuck on “Installing” at the 1% marker. This has been a 6 day process, and I’m already pretty damn frustrated on the matter so ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED, as I also just purchased the 59.99 USD Celebration Collection, which is currently useless because I can’t use the damn app for all my games :upside_down_face:


Same experience here, I’m having this same issue with the app for around a week or even more, first my PC was not recognizing the WOW Retail game when I was selecting the correct Files, then attempted to reinstall, but it crashed my pc. After that, uninstalled the app and now when I attempt to install it again (the app), it gets stuck on 60%ish and never gets the installation completed.

Any help is really appreciated.

can not load battle net app, starts loading then stops maybe 1/3 of finishing

Same here guys. Day 4 is coming closer for me… I hope u guys found a fix already? Blizz just ignores it and keeps linking u to old threads with troubleshooting that every1 tried and failed…