Can't Install

I have tried everything I have found on the internet, from changing internet settings to installing drivers. I still can’t open installer or overwatch installer. Please help, thanks.

I have the same problem. Download stopped at Blizzard agent update. VPN didn`t help me.

same, i deleted battlenet as i had the issue where i couldn’t update any of my games, and i was recommend to delete the app which i did. Now, i cant even download battlenet as it stops 25% and says updating blizzard agent and then stops and gives me error code BLZBNTBTS000007D0. ive tried to reset my network settings, deleting all blizzard files (except my game files overwatch and modern warfare, im not sure if i should delete these), reset my computer, and ran the setup as administrator.

Hey, all! Thank you for reporting the recent issues here. There’s a few causes that might cause the “updating blizzard agent” and the installation getting stuck. Could you try the following to see if this helps with the installation errors:

  1. Close background applications
  2. Reset the WMI Repository.
  3. Test to see if a New Admin account may help.

If it seems to continue, please contact our technical support team to look into this further. Usually this error has to do with the windows repository or third party application conflicts that we’ll want to take a closer look into.

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I have the same issue i have tried everything!