Cant get status online on Blizzard app


Friend of mine can’t change his status on the blizzard app on desktop.
We tried uninstal but that didn’t work.
What can we do because he can’t see any friends online too

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I’ve got the same problem. Europe. I litteraly don’t know what to do. Youtube and stuff works normally (4K videos playing normally) but Battlenet shows offline…

Please do let me know if u solve it somehow.

me and another friend also have the same problem right now, cant get online status, the status say we are offline, and we cant even see friends on the friendlist

Same issue there. Me and a friends have the same problem. Appearing offline, friends list is “Retrieving details”… Been like so for a day.


Same thing here. It’s horrible.

i get same problems too.
america server.
any solution?