Can't fast travel

When I try to fast travel anywhere to any area my character does the animation to open the portal but nothing happens

I’m playing on an iPhone SE 2 and am all up to date with downloading resources and such - this just happened to me as I logged in today for the first time (but haven’t played in a few weeks)

I’m on ‘The Butcher’ European server


I don’t know if you know but if you haven’t explored an area totally first you can’t fast travel in that area yet. Are you having this problem with areas that you’ve already explored totally?

Yep, can’t fast travel to ANY location. I tap the portal on the map like normal (like say Darkwood for instance, which I’ve completely explored) and the animation starts then… nothing. Tried logging in and out, restarting game, but nothing fixes it

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I got the same problem, please let me know i you fixed this

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Still happening to me today, but I’m going to try to uninstall the whole thing and reinstall to see if that helps

were you able to use auto-pathing tho?

I am experiencing the same problem with fast travel and i cant auto-path. im on Asian Server

My wife currently has the same bug. Has anyone found a fix for this? We just purchased the new season. She cannot complete any bounties due to this. Blizzard has really screwed up the game.

I cannot fast travel in Westmarch. My character goes through the animation sequence of opening a portal, but goes nowhere. You can actually move around while the portal stays on screen. I have purchased this newest Battle pass and have lost days of playing toward it. The bug was not existent until this season on my account. Blizzard needs to fix this bug as quickly as possible. I feel I have wasted my money. @Blizzard

Same problem here. Anyone found a solution?

Same here. Literally unplayable.
It’s a shame No one from blizzard addresses this forum… Like, how hard is to hire a person to just answer that they “know and are on it”… Sheesh…

I am having the same issue. Did uninstalling and reinstalling fix the issue? I did a repair client and redownloaded all of the content, and and that did not change anything. My wife is able to play and doesn’t have this issue

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