Cant download LOD

I recently purchased D2 and LoD. D2 is downloaded and playable but everytime I click the link on here to start the installation process for LoD it starts for about 30 seconds and says couldnt download. Any help here?

Just a quick question, did you download the d2lod installation from here?

Yes I tried from LOD from here. It all starts for 30 seconds then it fails.

Forgive me for asking to clarify.
The download stops?
Or, is it when you try to install the installation file?

So when I go to click on the download page and click the link to download it will actually start trying to download for a few seconds then it quits. Its the downloader diablo 2 exe that doesnt work.

Give me one minute. I’ll try to download it, too.

the installation file for LOD:


downloaded on my system in like 5 seconds. It may be your connection or browser…

Please, can you try copying the download’s link and then try another browser as a means to download it?

Ok I have it copied not really tek savvy how do I try another browser

Which browser are you using?

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Im going to try chrome in a second

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Cool. Yes. If you have another browser, try copying the link and then pasting it into the other browser as an attempt to see if it is the browser’s fault.

Let me know if you were or if were not able to download using a different browser. Just going to make a coffee while getting ready to play a bit.

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I will get back and let you know what I make out. Looks like itll be a minute to download a browser. Thanks for the help thus far.

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Cool. I’ll be on for a while.
If things do not work out, you may need to start an inquiry in Blizz’s Classic Games Tech Support forum.

Chrome didnt work either lol

Oh? That is too weird.
Please, start an inquiry in Blizz’s Classic Games Tech forum:
Have a little patience with the mods. When they finally get to your posting, they will explore the issue and I do hope that there is a remedy.

If the wait for getting this looked at, is too long, send your email the link to the download. Go to a friend’s house solely to download the link and put it on a usb stick. But, don’t try to install at a friend’s place as you could get a long time out for being at another ip address or if your friend uses a VPN.

Also, do manually download the patch for Diablo 2 LOD. Sometimes, you may need to manually apply the patch after you install.

Here is the link for the patches. I highly suggest only downloading the patch for diablo 2 lod only and applying it after you have installed LOD. As it patches both.