Can't download downloader for Diablo 2 / LOD

Bought D2 last night and have been trying to get it downloaded, but it fails after ~2mb. No matter what I try it just fails.

then you should try gozilla! if that still exists or similar software. that will allow you to resume the download.

Are you referring to the download of the game downloader (Downloader_Diablo2_enUS.exe, 2.64MB) from the Blizzard account/classic games website, or the progress from the game downloader itself?

If it’s the downloader that is failing to download from the website, try the download using a different web browser.

Yes, the downloader_diablo2_etc. file.

I came across this thread and tried everything there to no avail.

As a last ditch effort I used a VPN to download it and it worked, finally. Microsoft seems to have the files/website on an “untrusted” list, or whatever it is they do, since it tried to warn me about the download. “Not many people have downloaded this, we don’t know if it’s safe” was the jist of it I think.

If you are able to get the game installed, make absolutely sure that your VPN is TURNED OFF before you try and connect to through the game. If you leave it on and try connecting to, you’ll get hammered with a two-week restriction!

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Thanks for the heads up! I disabled it as soon as I finished downloading, but hopefully the future surfers will see this :slight_smile: