Cant DL battlenet after clean install

Cant DL battlenet after clean install

Getting Error " Were having problems getting patch information. If you keep seeing this, we’ve probably broken something. Please bear with us while we fix it." More help: BLZBNTBTS00000029

I Created a ticket and the only help was delete/ uninstall battle net and games and try again. its was a clean install so no files exist to get rid of. i have restarted computer and router several time and same issues. As of right now Battlenet is uninstallable and unplayable

I don’t see any support documentation for this error number. Are you posting here from another region?

My apologies i put in the error wrong i edited it.

Did you do the rest of the steps?

Clean install
i have no other programs open
i turned off all firewalls
downloaded and updated all drivers
Hardwired internet.
Prior to clean install had issues with client “waking up” always had to restart comp to play any games.

Which firewalls were you running?

just the basic Windows firewall

Export your MSInfo and check the error reporting. Might find whatever is blocking Bnet.

i sent to support and im not seeing anything, they just said delete/uninstall files and reinstall but theres no files to uninstall.

You’re not seeing anything? Then it doesn’t sound like the full file was exported. You should have some errors in the log at the bottom.

Im not sure what im supposed to be looking for in there honestly. Im not that savvyust did another COMPLETE from scratch windows install and same thing is happening.

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same happens to me, still no help and i dont even want the stupid app, i just want to be able to start my own key like before, take out all this stupid app thing please

Can you post the MSInfo on Pastebin and link here?

i think thats it never done that before

You mentioned this was a fresh install of Windows, but there are ASUS bloatware utilities installed.

5/7/2024 10:16 AM Application Error Faulting application name: Aac3572MbHal_x86.exe

5/7/2024 10:16 AM Application Error Faulting application name: LightingService.exe

5/7/2024 11:18 AM Application Error Faulting application name: ROGLiveService.exe

5/7/2024 10:16 PM Application Error Faulting application name: ArmouryAudioAgent.exe

There are thousands of Google search results complaining about the ASUS Armory and ROG services, so they may be the source of the issue.

i installed armoury crate after installing windows as everything i use is ASUS.
i Even tried Installing Battle net as the first thing before any other software and the same issue occurs,.

Which ISP are you using and which country are you connecting from?

i have to use Hotspot which is cricket. Been using it for 3 years no issues up into recent months when it went to “sleep” and wouldn’t wake up. Had to restart comp and worked fine for few hours until it went back to sleep now just wont install at all. im located US

Yeah, that’s tricky. Most hotspots are designed for web browsing, email, or playing Facebook games. They rarely offer the bandwidth needed for large file or application downloads, and many deprioritize gaming traffic in favor of giving mobile customers in the nearby geographic area better service.

In this case, it could be that Cricket is directly throttling access to file downloads since they are reselling access to AT&T’s network towers as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). This MVNO traffic would rank below AT&T’s direct customer traffic, causing worse service for you.

I’d probably reach out to Cricket and find out their stance on gaming connections. But ultimately, all of Blizzard’s online games have a broadband internet requirement, which is a landline cable. Line-of-sight services like hotspots are too susceptible to weather, traffic congestion, and other instabilities (like those mentioned above). I’m guessing that broadband requirement may extend to Bnet as well.

Source: I worked directly with telecommunications companies for over a decade.

ive used it to dl Blizzard prior and days before to try and solve the “sleeping” issue with no problem if the installing issue so its not ISP issue. Im able to DL everything else Battle Net is the only thing im not able to DL and is having this issue. I tried reinstalling windows 3 different times and different methods. I followed other posted to make sure no trace of Battle net folders were left, nothing works.