Can't connect in desktop app & agent went to sleep

I can’t “go online” in the desktop app. I attempted to uninstall reinstall however when I downloaded the app installer it stalled on the “downloading new files” step. I eventually restarted my computer and upon restarting the app started up as if fully installed. However now the app is showing a spinning blizzard symbol with the error message: “Blizzard Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up…” More help: BLZBNTBNA00000005.

I have tried a second computer at my house and it does the same thing. I have restarted my router, my computer, and uninstalled/reinstalled the desktop app. I have also deleted the tools folder

It also still can’t “go online” the upper right connection symbol is unplugged and the Go Online button is lit up. Upon clicking the button it changes to “connecting…” for about a minute then throws the error BLZBNTBGS800000011 and gives me a 60sec countdown to try again.