Can't Connect - Battlenet Mobile App

I downloaded the Battlenet app from Google Play.

After choosing Log-in the screen flashes to that page, but then just as fast is replaced by a “Hmm…something went wrong.” screen. I have tried all countries.

Android Q S10+.

I have a large host list that blocks ads and trackers on my device but doesn’t affect any apps that I have ever used.

The battlenet app has a few trackers:

Google Tag Manager
Google Crashlytics
Google Firebase Analytics and
Google Analytics.

These are blocked from connecting outside my device for obvious reasons. I doubt that has anything to do with the apps failure but added as a long-shot.

Same thing here. I also block many trackers and ad DNS entries in my network. I disabled wifi just to see. Same issue, stuck “Still Connecting…”


If you are unable to load the login page in the Mobile app, could you please try to access from your phone’s browser? If that does not successfully load, your phone or network may be blocking the page from fully loading.

– Kraiden