Can't close onscreen letters for some missions

Playing on PC, I get stuck when a mission letter appears on top of everything. It says at the bottom “Tap to close” but everything I tried taping, clicking, does not close the letter. The last one was in a tomb in Sashar sea desert just after meeting with the Demon hunter girl. I have to search some mummy and then the letter appears and I got stuck. I tried 3 times and it did the same thing each time. Can’t procede with that mission. The same thing had happenned with a letter from cain to captain Rhem in westmarch. But that time restarting the game had made the quest to be able to be continued.

I got that a few times as well…but waiting a min or two then clicking on the right side of the letter a little off to the right and about center of top and bottom…

I tried clicking everywhere on screen… could not close it. If it happens to you again, can you take a screenshot and point out where you click to close it. It would realy help me because right now, it’s the kind of things that just makes me go to another game.

This worked for me - about midway down off the note graphic on the right I was able to right click and it closed

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