CAN'T BLOCK INVITES SPAMMERS, ruining the gameplay!

PLEASE make an option to view the player inviting you, like clicking on his name to open the options box…either you want to accept or not the player’s invite, seeing who invites helps, AND MORE even, ALLOWS to report/ignore invite spammers that you cannot do otherwise because they DON’T speak, so you cannot click and block them!
This IS a bug/annoyance. IF a solution exists, I did not find it on mobile version…

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You can set your status to offline and you will stop receiving so many invites.

Even more fun to join them and continuebwhat youre doing, then let the invites to start expire… and since youll be in the raid or party w them… you can then click and report.

The game not having a feature you’d like it to have is not a bug.

Anyway, depending on what you’re currently doing at the time of the invite you can…

  1. Accept the invite to join their party / raid
  2. Left-click on the inviter’s hero portrait
  3. From the options click the … button
  4. Choose to block the player
  5. Leave their party / raid