Can't become Shadow, its bug on my account?

Hi There … First, im sorry for my bad english.

Im here to report my problem, Can you solve my issue ?
I cant become shadow to join clan.
Some people try to invite me but its no notification…

Several people in server trying to help the quest to become shadow but its not working
I have the akabe signet, and do the quest in mysterios person but also not work

If it’s with the Mysterious Patron there is a bug, look it up on YouTube. My highest character has that problem and I haven’t found a way to get past it and I’ve been trying for about a week

hey friend I saw this issue in other player of my warband and I done a walkthrough with him and got resolved so I will posted for You and see if helps:
1-Make sure before you get the signed you are not in a adventurer clan
2-after you get the signet invitation you need to follow the instructions solo, you need to be out of any party.
3- you need to follow and do all NCP guest meaning path of blood, vault, rite. if you skip one will not work
4- do you contract prefer solo, team group should not affect but better solo.
5-you need to sign drawing the logo
don’t try to skip any part no matter if you know what is about it specially if asking to open rite and learn about the rite and tap each place that suggest to tap.
by the flame make sure you stand in the right location or you would not able to talk to the patron (graphic settings will affect ground marks in the ground but mouse pointer will change when you are in the correct area)
Hope it help for you

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