Can't any longer delete a simple charm from inventory

Please fix asap, Problem cant no longer delete simple charms from inventory, when viewing the charms in inventory you can see that there is no longer a delete button.
Thank you!

This isn’t a bug, it’s an intended and documented change…

Charm Destruction Option

The option to destroy a Charm in your inventory has been removed.

Developer’s Note: Because there was no benefit to destroying a Charm in your inventory, and certain Charms hold a high value, we wanted to remove the ability for players to accidentally destroy these items.

Indeed. You now have to visit the Charms NPC in Westmarch and salvage them.

This removal of destroying level 5 charm is really a big disappointment. So players are being forced to spend 500 platinum to convert one single charms (removal) from inventory space? Those with one skill charm are not sellable or high value at all.

In no time, inventory space will be overwhelm with level 5 charms.
For example, I’m having 10 level 5 charms now, I need to spend 5000 platinum to remove them?

Please give us an option to chose and not force it on players. Thank you.


I have never had any issue selling a completely random skill stone on the market. Never. So yeah, just spend the 500 plat and put it up to earn some bonus plat. If getting extra platinum seems like a bad thing to you, well… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So it’s better to block deletion completely?
I understand that you want to get rid of platinum for the profit of the store but the only result
will be the creation of several groups of players.

For example:

  1. players destroying every talisman at level one at the NPC to avoid spending platinum to get rid of it.
    They will get the talismans they need from the AH for 1/100th of the price.
  2. players selling every talisman without result, which will result in a full inventory and the end of the game for the player.
  3. players collecting level 5 talismans with the hope of solving the problem, resulting in full inventory and the player ending the game.

Besides talismans, what other items can a player not remove or dispose of for free?

You’re absolutely right, single skill charms are worthless and won’t sell. I’m going to be in the group that salvages every charm from now on. Zero point to upgrading them with the low odds of getting decent skill mix.

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Horrible idea and worse excuse… Just come out and say the reason is you want us to spend even more money to free up inventory space.