Can't add phone number to authenticator

Since an MVP told me to post my own post here it is:

When are we going to get the fix so that anyone with a cellphone can add an authenticator?

Blizzard is the only gaming service that blocks folks from my cell provider(Cricket) from adding this level of security. I’ve had the service for years and it shouldn’t matter if it’s considered prepaid or not.

If this is an issue with hackers in COD warzone then don’t let all games suffer because the devs on that game can’t figure out a proper cheating blocker algorithm.

There are other ways we can use FREE autheticators with better security if that is what is needed. All you need to do is actually look into it and let the Blizzard ego go so that your customers can feel safer using your services. Surely you can understand why this is a huge concern to us?.

Are we going to get a response to this? I would think that the top MMO would have thought this through a bit more. No more excuses, let us secure our accounts fully please for the love of god.