Can't add friend "he's already in the list", but he's not

well, can’t add friend to my list, cuz the app says he’s already in my list but he’s not. there is no pending, no queue for request and stuff. blacklist is empty too for both of us.

what should I do? we want to play together. and there is no problem for adding other ppl to my list except only this friend.

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if you remember, in the old version it was possible to change regions and friends had to be added “again”, and so … the friend was deleted in the same region, but stayed in another… lmao

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bro i just need to say THANK YOU FOR THIS because i have had the same damn problem, and i came across this post … and what fixed it was logging on to american servers, deleting my friend, and then readding, you legit saved me, thank you!

Hello. I’ve got the same problem.
Removed a friend some weeks ago and wanted to re-add. Now I always get the answer “You are already friends” - but the friend is NOT in my list. And since I can’t just change regions anymore I’ve got no clue what to do now. I’ve already opened two tickets and until today noone was able to help me.

Same thing here. When I got back to playing overwatch I couldn’t see one of my friends and I can’t add him. We tried everything (blocking and unblocking, getting in a game together and adding each other) and the ticket I raised could not help me. Hopefully a dev can look into it.