Cannot target Pit of Anguish Boss properly

Using demon hunter on PC (possibly other ranged classes too), I cannot target (shoot) at the big worm boss unless I stand right at the ledge and put cursor at exactly the right spot. Repeatable every time. On mobile this is not an issue and I can shoot from further away with no targeting issues.

If only there was a key thats bound to attack if you moused over an area… that is listed in the keybindings…

Like spacebar.

I actually didn’t know about that at all. Do you have to bind the space bar yourself or is it a default?

Default. Go to your settings and you can look at them all

Thank you.

Never had to worry about keybinds in game as I haven’t had any problems with the defaults.

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Pc interface is horrid… i actually play on mobile for that reason.

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