Cannot Salvage/Destroy Items [Game Breaking Bug]

I can’t salvage or destroy any items.

Yesterday, after I joined Shadows I got kicked from the clan I created leaving the previous clan leaderless and me losing 3000 platinum. More details here on how I got a Negative Eternal Orbs Balance Lost Clan when Joining Shadows - Clan Leaderless!

When I tried to salvage or destroy the items in my inventory i got the error message “Eternal Orbs cannot be salvaged or destroyed”

This is a pretty awful game-breaking bug and it’s preventing me from playing the game as I can’t empty my inventory or stash.

Now I can’t play the game, unless I dont pick up any gear whatsoever from now on…

After speaking with Customer Service, I’m really disappointed. I have been told that the only way to continue playing this Free-to-Play game is to spend money and bring my orb balance to the positive again. How can I be told to pay money to play a free-to-play game, this is very close to a scam…


Also having this issue on Plains of Despair. i got a simple refund for some extra gems i didn’t mean to purchase and now i can’t play the game because of “Eternal Orbs cannot be salvaged or destroyed” Game Breaking Bug indeed.

Username: Stiah
Plains of Despair.


I can’t even play the game. Not sure when Live Chat will be up (Although I doubt they can help me at this point in time).

The only way I can continue paying is by throwing money at the game but that doesn’t help me with my original issue of being removed from my Clan because I completed a Quest which is what caused all these problems, and the refund, in the first place!!!

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I just had this issue just now. Any updates on this? It sux i spend countless time and real money and now i cant even play.

I’ve got the same issue. Basically can’t play the game properly now.

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This game is a joke absolutely crazy I have the same problem and if I have to pay to play a free game I’ve spent money on already I’d rather jus quit

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same here,did u fix it?

Same issue with eternal orbs cannot be salvaged or destroyed following a “refund” now the game is useless

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