Cannot destroy lvl 5 spells anymore

Since the update on May 23, 2023 I can no longer destroy level 5 spells.

I presume you mean charms, not spells. Anyway…

This isn’t a bug, it’s an intended and documented change…

Charm Destruction Option

The option to destroy a Charm in your inventory has been removed.

Developer’s Note: Because there was no benefit to destroying a Charm in your inventory, and certain Charms hold a high value, we wanted to remove the ability for players to accidentally destroy these items.

You now have to visit the Charms NPC in Westmarch and salvage them.

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This is total bullsh*t.
I can’t salvage because I don’t want to spend any Platinum. I just want to get rid of unwanted crap.


I don’t know who came up with this idea but it’s brilliant.
People will torment you for it until you fix it.

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Idk who tf came up with this stup*d idea but I hope they get all the miseries in real life until they switch it back. Wtf