Cannot connect to D2R battle net via PS4

Hey guys, are you able to connect via PC? The whole day I cannot connect via PS4. I heard they introduced a queue system for PC. That feature is not on PS platform at all. PS platform player just simply can’t connect. This means in a high chance Blizzard sacrificed PS players. Any PS players can share your situation?


Here we are 14 hours later and STILL can not connect to BNet… Why to drop the ball. Saturday evening and PlayStation players cant play D2R… Best 40 bucks I ever spent. NOT! No word from Blizzard about whats going on. Come on Blue… Chime in and give us an update on whats going on. Or are you all gone for the weekend?

No game play tonight. Maybe next weekend the servers will work

I’m also having issues. Ive been having this issue since the game came out and im now starting to get pissed off.

Buenos dias… intente jugar toda la noche de ayer en psn y me sale que cree un jugador nuevo… ya me esta preocupando porq algunos jugadores si pueden jugar y por lo que veo es el servidor de estados unidos

I haven’t been able to connect since Friday.

I’m on day 3 of all of my characters missing on my PS4. They all disappeared Saturday night and I can’t get anyone to help figure out why they are gone for so long.