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I’ve been trying to log in now for hours and I keep getting told is not responding. After doing some reading up on the issue I think my problem is I tried to log into on my works network (which I wasn’t able to do) Now that I’m home I keep getting told I cannot connect. Can a mod here check on my account to see if I have some sort of temp ban on it? If not what should I do to correct this?

Give it two weeks and try again

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Bump for Mod help please

VEOVIX is right, suburbicide. We don’t remove these restrictions as it is intended, and you are correct about the reason. It looks like you tried to log in from an unauthorized type of network. Info on our scope of support for this type of issue and what things can get you locked are at the article below.

As for the duration of your suspension, it should fall off on the 25th in the evening (exactly 14 days after the initial suspension.) At that point you should be good to log in.

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Ok. Thanks for the response Drakuloth